Protected: Chasing Squirrels again, part 2

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Protected: Chasing squirrels again

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Protected: Lilybelle moves in

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Protected: Pete has it figured out

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And the house comes off the market again

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this yesterday.

What is this, the third time Narcissus has tried to sell that house? Listed at $320K, dropped to $310K then again to $305K. Worth . . . maybe $250/$260K Maybe.

The house was on the market for just over two months with only, apparently, very low ball offers.

From the stories, Narcissus and the Unfortunate Sucker have been “managing” so they have decided to take the house off the market and they will build a wall to separate the basement and rent it out. Narcissus had a quick fix idea that she would rent out the basement to Lilybelle for $400 a month.

Thankfully, Lilybelle has realized that living with us rent free is a much better idea.

I am not sure how Narcissus thought that Lilybelle would pay rent because Lilybelle has quit her job. I believe there were some welfare scam ideas floating in Narcissus’ brain. I am glad her ideas never came to fruition because it would have taken ever ounce of self-control that I have, and probably a very serious, unexplainable fear of telephones, to keep myself from calling and reporting the fraud. The only thing that would have kept from doing it would have been that it would take down Lilybelle too.

Lilybelle is smarter than I thought. Thank goodness.

In other child related news, Rosebud and Marigold (from next door) have been downloading or streaming an awful lot of something this month. We have reached our bandwidth capacity and there are still 6 days left in the month. I have turned off the modem to prevent overages. I wonder if those kids will actually find something productive to do?

HA! I am so funny.


The gathering storm

I am writing this on a mobile device and I have fat fingers, forgive my errors.

I can tell you the secret now.

I’m gonna be a grandma!

Lilybelle is having a baby.

Conception happened before Lilybelle moved out of Narcissus’ home but I fully expect that somehow it will be all Jonquil’s fault for being a bad father or my fault for helping Lilybelle move. I am not laying blame, these two kids are adults. BUT, Narcissus shouldn’t point fingers when she let the boy sleep over in Lilybelle’s room. It will come, mark my words, it will come.

Ok, end of that.

Lilybelle and her boyfriend Pete have been keeping this quiet for the time being. There are circumstances involved that I won’t go into because they won’t matter to you. All that matters is that they can’t tell Pete’s parents right now and won’t be able to tell Pete’s parents until August – when Lilybelle will be 6 months along.

Lilybelle only told her mom last night. Jonquil and I have known for two months! Lilybelle was encouraged to tell Narcissus earlier but it needed to remain a secret and Lilybelle felt that her mom and sister have big mouths and wouldn’t be able to keep quiet.

Jonquil was not happy, but he has been supportive and loving. We asked Lilybelle what she wants to do and told her we would be there for her no matter what she decided. Narcissus said “You don’t think about adoption?”

Lilybelle is 19, Pete is sticking by her and they have plans for the future and for their ongoing financial needs. Who knows how it will all work out, but at least they have plans.

I was a teenage mom at 17. I know firsthand how hard this is going to be but I also know that with the support, encouragement and love of your family, it is completely possible to be a teenage mom and have things turn out well. It will be a struggle but we will be there to urge her on.

And it’s a baby. A life is always a wonderful thing.

The most exciting thing about this for me is not that Lilybelle is having a baby (I am still worried about that), and not even that Lilybelle told us – the horrible parents. The most exciting part for me is that I have been a “stepmonster” for close to 7 years, I was the point of blame for Lilybelle not wanting to come to our house or see her father. I was a horrible person and a terrible parent. I fully expected never to have a relationship with Lilybelle.

Lilybelle has been inviting ME to her ultrasound appointments. I went to her frat and second ultrasounds and they called me into the room and I got to see the little baby. This is HUGE. HUGE. And I am so happy for this.

Meet my grandbaby! He/she was 12 weeks, 6 days. We are now in the 18th week.


Oh … And Lilybelle is moving in with us next week. It is temporary, just until she and the boy get settled.


Things that make you go hmm

Posted on Facebook yesterday:

A RIP picture trubute to Case Kasem with the accompanying message from Narcissus, “So tragic that the last several years were strained for him thanks to a hateful ex wife who took him away from his children”


Is she on drugs?


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