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Amityville Horror

Remeber that scene? Where the priest is in the room and it fills with flies and then the door opens and the house says “GET OUT”?

I am having that moment.

Lilybelle has started to play her music loudly from her room. When she is asked to turn it down by her father, she does . . .briefly, and then it edges back up. Maybe it is just the songs on her phone because I know some can be louder than others, maybe I am crazy, or maybe she is being an asshole.

Then, Friday night/Saturday morning her music starts at midnight. AT FUCKING MIDNIGHT! The only words I have spoken to her in a month were said “Payback in the morning is going to be a bitch”. I held true to that. Sunday morning at 9 am I started cleaning my room complete with loud music and vacuuming. Did I mention she was out until 3 am? Gee, that had to suck.

Now the internet is out. Jonquil and I have both tried to reset the router but it doesn’t help. It connected for a minute this morning and then was gone again. I think the modem is toast. There is someone in the neighbourhood whose wifi is called EatShitandDie. I guess Lilybelle things that is me and so she has begun posting on facebook that I am being childish and that I should call it FuckoffandDie. She and her friends are plotting to put a flaming bag of shit on my doorstep.

Now, even if it was me and I had changed the internet password and WIFI name, she doesn’t pay for it or contribute to anything in my home in any way. Life isn’t free. While she is busy defrauding welfare and pocketing the money she is given for rent that she doesn’t pay at an address where she doesn’t live, perhaps she could use some of that money to get her own fucking internet.

Narcissus is telling people that I am emotionaly and verbally abusing Lilybelle. How is that possible when I haven’t spoken to her in over a month?

I think she needs to find another place to stay for the rest of the week. Is that horrible? If I tell her that it is in everyone’s best interests that she leaves now and comes back to get her stuff on Saturday?

I can’t take anymore. I have hives all the time, medication isn’t helping, and my head is pounding constantly.

I never should have believed anything was ever going to be any different. What a fool I was. She played me.


A New Lease on Life

Lilybelle and Pete have apparently found a place and signed a lease. Has Lilybelle disclosed this information to me or to Jonquil . . . you know, the people whose home she is living in? Of course not! Do we know when she is moving? Of course not.

I expect at least that information so that I can ensure that my dog and cat are properly restrained and cared for so they don’t escape while Lilybelle’s belongings are being moved out.

My birthday was last week. I came home to the most glorious present of Lilybelle being gone and she stayed gone for four and a half days. Peace, quiet, bliss. Do you think she or Marigold wished me a happy birthday? Of course not.

I have PMS, so I am pretty cranky anyway but I sit here thinking of all of this shit and it just angers me to no end. Only once in the 7 years that Jonquil and I have been married have either of those girls wished me a happy birthday. One time, one kid. But somehow I am supposed to care about their birthdays. These aren’t children anymore.

I had a conversation with my mother-in-law and let it all spill out. I think things between her and I are ok, but I still won’t be attending any family functions. I don’t want Lilybelle to ever be able to say that her father, grandmother or any of her family chose me over her. The only way I can ensure that can’t happen is if they are all aware that I am not coming. Not “I am not coming if Lilybelle goes/is invited”. Just, not coming. Easier that way. If Lilybelle declines to come to a family function, that must be entirely on her.

Lilybelle is not taking her cat with her. Apparently Pete doesn’t want the cat. Match made in heaven right there. You know what I would have said to Jonquil (or anyone) that said they didn’t want my pets (and I had 6 when Jonquil and I got married. Two each of big dogs, rabbits and cats)? See ya later, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Lilybelle is planning to leave the cat with her friend until she can convince Pete to let her bring the cat to their home. Good luck with that sunshine, that Pete is a controlling mother fucker. I expect that the relationship will end and that will be when Lilybelle gets her cat back from her friend.

I am relieved that Lilybelle did not ask us to keep her cat. Her cat is CRAZY and has attacked Jonquil and I on separate occassions for no reason. I told people I wouldn’t take her cat but in reality I would have felt so bad for the kitty that I would have kept her. My desire not to keep the cat is related more to my desire not to help Lilybelle in any way than it is to the actual cat. Poor kitty.

I’m done. I am tapping out. In 10 days or less I get my home back and my life back and hopefully my marriage will remain intact. When this child needs help, I will not be there to help her.

I could have forgiven her calling me names after all the help I have given her. I could have forgiven her pathological lying. I could even have forgiven her lying about me to the rest of the family. But she involved her mother, and I get to watch mine and my husband’s name be smeared all of town . . . again. I don’t care about my name, but that bitch tells every friend that she and Jonquil still share about all of this crap. I am sick of it. Nothing has changed. That child is still the manipulative, selfish little asshole she was when she was 14 and hanging in the breeze was the promise of all the wonderful things her mother would give her if she shunned her father. Now, her mother does nothing to help her and we STILL sit in this same story.


Fairy tale over.

And I shall live happily ever after without her in my life.


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Shower Power

I assume the shower on Saturday was a success. I really don’t know.

I did receive a text message from Marigold on Sunday to say thanks for the sandwiches and the cake and that everyone loved them. Lilybelle never said thank you. Not surprised. She Were you expecting one? I sure as hell wasn’t.

I made the cake and 8 different kinds of tea sandwiches, dropped it all off and left. I did not stay for the shower.

I went to the dog park instead. It was way more fun than the Lilybelle Show.

Catty and bitchy? Well yes thanks, I am.

I also didn’t leave a gift. I told Jonquil that what he wants to get her and at what cost and when is entirely up to him.


It all worked out

One of Marigold’s reasons for leaving me with all the food prep was because she is away at school and has class until 6 p.m. so she won’t get home until about 10 or 11.

Yesterday she sends me a message telling me she will be home around 7:30 or 8 so if I need help to let her know. I said “I thought you had class until 6?”

She says:

“I am going to my first class to write a test, and then I emailed my teacher of the last class to let her know a classmate will be handing in my assignment. I’ll also be missing a lab, but she drops the lowest two marks so I just won’t do this one ;) It all worked out.”

No my dear, it did not all work out.

Are they completely oblivious to the disaster they leave in their wakes?


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